If you care about (the future of) the human race – read this book.  How Bush Rules – Chronicles Of A Radical Regime, is a brave and determined documentation of everything ghastly and wrong in today’s world affairs: George Bush.  Squalid beyond comprehension – let alone understanding – Sidney Blumenthal’s excellent evisceration of the Bush administration, is concise, compelling; fraught with unutterable truths and (needless to say) inexorable in its literary execution – for the list of political folly and farce, is unfortunately, as well as unsurprisingly, endless.

In the introduction alone, the author reminds us that: ‘’immediately on assuming office, Bush launched a series of initiatives that began to undo the bipartisan traditions of internationalism, environmentalism, fiscal discipline, and scientific progress.’’ Blumenthal continues: ‘’Bush withdrew from the diplomatic efforts to persuade North Korea to control its development and production of nuclear weapons,’’ the manifestation of which just this week, resulted in said country’s detonation of a nuclear bomb underground – much to the chagrin of the international community.  

Broken into three parts, Hubris, Nemesis I and II, the book is a collection of journalistic essays that make for easy reference and reading - on any given Bush bombast.  From The Secrets Of Abu Ghraib (‘’This is a conflict in the American mind between two claims on democracy: one with a sense of paradox, limits, and debate, the other purporting to be omniscient, even messianic, requiring no checks because of its purity, and contemptuous of accountability’’), to Hurricane Katrina (where ‘’Bush had boarded his very own streetcar named desire’’), to Tunnel Vision (‘’’We’re taking the fight to the terrorists abroad so we don’t have to face them here at home,’’ Bush […] repeated endlessly.  His doublethink relieves any fear of cognitive dissonance.  London, like Iraq and Afghanistan, is apparently ‘’there,’’ not ‘’here.’’’).

The above being a tiny, tiny tip of the literary iceberg.  

So is it any wonder that society (in North America and Britain at least) is spiralling out of control, whilst morality becomes ever increasingly mired in the happy slapping ideology of today’s youth - when at the helm of the Western World, stands a man with as much contempt for humanity, as the purveyors of the Arbeit Macht Frei dogma of the foul Third Reich?

Tough words?  Tough times - which is why it’s imperative that we resolutely applaud Bluemthal for bequeathing us with such tough truths.

David Marx
How Bush Rules - Chronicles Of A Radical Regime
By Sidney Blumenthal - Princeton University Press - £16.95