I interviewed Paul Weller a few years ago and believe me, this book is the antithesis of everything he’s about: change, movement, grit, honesty, and an idiosyncratic way with musical socialism – that’s yet to be equalled.  I’ve had a better time (and certainly gleaned more insight into Mr. Weller), simply talking to Jam fans down the pub.  At least the conversation was peppered with pints and persuasion, which is more than can be said for this rather blokey, irksome read.

I’m still trying to work out why this has been written (let alone published).  

Had David Lines titled his work: The Modfather - My Life Without Paul Weller, it would at least be far less misleading.  For what you’re getting is nothing more than a tiresome teenage trawl through the back pages of the author’s nigh rabid obsession.  That’s it – apart from the fact that he’s miss-spelt Groucho Marx!

David Marx
The Modfather - My Life With Paul Weller
By David Lines - William Heinemann/Random House